Someone is stealing from me!

thI am not sure what is happening, but someone keeps stealing from me. Every week is getting shorter, every day seems to end before I am done with the task list.

In Germany we have a book called “Momo” where little grey     man steal time and smoke it away from people who believe that they can save it.

I too think I can save some time: I exchange quick Facebook updates with deep conversations, I do an intensive work-out instead of a regular scheduled time to keep my body healthy,  I check my e-mails before I get to work so that I can take it off my to-do list, I lunch while I work to save some time…….

The little ‘grey men’ smoking away my time while I desperately try  to retrieve some.

But deep down, I long for relationships where you and I share life together, I long for a long walk with my husband to get the exercise I need,  I want to give full attention to my e-mails and chew my meals and actually taste it.

So, enough is enough! I am getting after the ‘grey men’!  I am fighting off the time thieves and learn to enjoy life to the fullest.

So tomorrow, when you see me hurry  – ask me about the grey men!                                                                        Maybe it reminds me that real life cannot be hurried!


Celebrating Chris Zimmerman and his impact on community

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562072_377669988944624_964900961_nToday was Chris’s funeral, his body too frail from the cancer, but his impact can be felt for a long time. Rev. Ron Perry talked about the ripple we leave and that is true of Chris.

In his work with computers he always was on the lookout for equipment for our work. When Dr. Carter upgraded his  system Chris helped us receive the computers. Chris upgraded them and made sure that they were ready to go to help people.

Now the computers are being used daily: a child doing their homework, a teen checking his face book, a young adult filling out job applications, a senior citizen learning computer skills so that she can facebook with her grandchildren (and discover online shopping), a person signing up for food stamps, another person working on their GED, or looking up something, or getting a recipe.

Every day we see Chris’s ripples as he leaves a legacy in his community.

He understood that his love for God translated in his love for people and that God has given him gifts to share with others.

Thank you Chris, you will be missed, but your legacy goes on.

To contribute in his memory click here 

200+ hours and counting

403697_100441196749159_1053850842_nI always say I am surrounded by amazing people, but when those people also become dear friends… something deeper happens. We believe that everyone has a gift and everyone has a need. Dorothy brought some of her gifts to LifeLine CDC during the last 8 months.

Her background is in management and her heart of gold was such a blessing to us. Her ability to create policies and procedures, volunteer manuals and job descriptions was such an asset to us. Her organizations skills were so meaningful to me.

Some mornings we would sit and I would share my dreams and visions for the organization and she would listen, jot down some notes and then come back with a plan to accomplish them. Sometimes I would just sit there with tears in my eyes…. knowing that I needed her to make sense of some of my dreams.

For the past 8 months Dorothy would come on Wednesday mornings, we talked , dreamed, prayed and for 6 hours my office was a buzz of  brainstorming, working and  getting things done.

Dorothy committed for 8 months and has become a dear friend and confidant. I will miss our weekly time tougher…but we have already schedule d our first coffee date for, yes you guessed is, Wednesday the 4th.

THANK  YOU Dorothy!