Thanksgiving Turkey Builds Relationship!

Wednesday, shortly before going home I received a call from Sandi that she had an extra turkey.

Many you of you know, that we don’t focus on hand-outs… but I have also learned that God has a much bigger picture on things and so I try to listen to His leadings.

Anyway, I called Ernie, who had just gotten a phone call from a family requesting rental assistance.

It turned out they did not have anything for Thanksgiving. I was able to connect with the family. Her husband was in a major accident with some brain damage. She was the primary care giver and had to quit her job…. life has turned upside down.

I know a turkey is not much, but it was the beginning of a relationship, a time of prayer and a time of a listening ear that made all the difference.

So, thank you to all the people who listen when God prompts them to do something. Amazing things happen!