What legacy will you leave?

Two people who have influenced my life have died in the past 3 weeks and I had to wonder what legacy do we leave behind?

Both men had difficulties in their lives, both went through hardships, trials and pain but they choose very different paths.

One leaves behind a legacy of tormented lives. Lives that are still recovering from the impact of pain, abuse, violence and terror.

The other leaves behind a legacy of lives changed. Lives that have come through pain, poor choices and difficult life circumstances and were given a second chance, a chance for change.

Both men were not perfect. Both men made mistakes. Both men were smart. Both men could be charmers and could be difficult.

But one man chose to stand under the Cross of forgiveness and through his life left a legacy of second chances, while the other (as far as we know) never asked for forgiveness, never made restitution, never took responsibility.

Both men made an impact on the generation to follow.

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