Can Afrian Red Worms build community?

Last week a friend of ours gave us some worms… yes.. the wiggly, slimy kind of worms!
So last night we created the new homes for them. We shredded paper, converted buckets, cleaned out the scrap food bin and made a new home for the hundreds of worms that are now in our possession.

Why? Well, here are just a few things that come to mind:

1. We get to recycle our food scraps and paper products into wonderful organic fertilizer. Yes, junk mail is good for something!

2. We have a great conversation piece :)… probably not at the dinner table though.

3. And most importantly, we get to share our worms with others. We want to have more community gardens in our communities. In times when food is expensive and people are out of work, having community gardens only makes sense and brings people together to share the gifts and skills they have. And having healthy, fertile ground is one of the requirements for a successful garden…… hence the worms!
Can you imagine the conversations around the growing of the worms? Can you imagine children touching worms and giggling as they might experience them for the first time? Can you image older ladies sitting together to come up with more creative ideas on the use of the worms? Can you imagine men sharing their gardening and farming experiences with each other? Well WE CAN!

For now, we have 2 buckets with worms, old shredded statements and scrap food in our backyard waiting to multiply and be shared with community!

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