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Yesterday They Got Caught!
A Christmas Store Success Story
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Greetings!As this year draws to an close I want to say “Thank you” for your partnership. It has been an amazing year with lots of opportunities to help individuals, neighborhoods and groups take hold of their giftedness and the amazing abilities we all have. We also have spent good time in equipping and training others in holistic community development.

As we move into 2011 will you please consider supporting the work of LifeLine CDC.

How much is a changed life worth? How much an empowered community?

  • A year end gift of $5,000 would help with the set up of a community center.
  • A $6,000 gift would cover our liability insurance for the year.
  • $500 would purchase a laptop computer
  • 120 monthly commitments of $62.00 ($2.00/day) would sustain the regular operating costs

We have a saying that “Everyone has a need. Everyone has a gift.” Read the story below to hear about just one example:

I happened to be at one of the community events that LifeLine CDC encourages to empower under-resourced communities. A group was helping children make Christmas gifts for their parents and I noticed a little 7 or 8 year old girl sitting by herself and not participating. When I asked her why she didn’t want to make anything she stated that she could not draw and that her friends would make fun of her. After some coaxing she was still not willing to try to decorate the ornament. So we sat together and had a conversation. We spoke about the uniqueness of every person, the giftedness of everyone. I shared some of my personal story of being told that I was not good and that even as a grown-up God had to remind me that He created me and that there was no-one else like me. She clung to every word I spoke and I encouraged her to give it a try. I partnered her up with one of the youth leaders who gave her some ideas… and sure enough she came back a few minutes later and showed me her creation…. and for the rest of the evening she came every time she finished something and showed it to me. Did this little encounter make a difference in her life? I am sure! Will it change the way she will look at herself? I sure hope so! Will this ‘fix’ her insecurities forever? Probably not, that will take many more encounters with people who empower her, encourage her, give her opportunity to grow and dream.

This little girl belongs to a neighborhood, a community that is often told that they are not able to accomplish anything. Years of hand-outs and assistance have left them doubting their own dignity. Lack of a good support system or an encouraging word have left them sitting on the sidelines. Years of living isolated lives leaves them without a good support system.

At LifeLine we believe that people have skills and passions and dreams that can be uncovered, that neighborhoods can change, and people can engage, and places on a map can become communities again. We believe that “Everyone no matter how rich has a need and everyone no matter how poor has a gift and that is why we build and celebrate community.”

We know that hand-outs were never intended for long term use and and our focus is on Asset Based Community Development a way of empowering individuals and communities in taking ownership in their choices, actions and dreams.We don’t do this alone, we partner with churches, non profits, and organizations to get this done.

We have two passions:

  1. To equip and train others in the use of ABCD principles and practices so that hand-outs are reserved for emergencies and hand-ups become the norm.
  2. To live it out! We work in several communities to make it happen. Community Development takes a long time (10-15 years) and we are committed empower and equip communities so that they can live out their preferred future.

Check out what else is happening below!

On Behalf of
LifeLine CDC

Monika Grasley

Yesterday they got caught!

Winton is changing! And in part it’s due to a group of young people who have taken on the graffiti issue. Every day under Adrian’s leadership a team of young men goes out to remove graffiti from the walls, fences, trashcans and mailboxes. Instead of tagging up the town, they are cleaning it up and yesterday they got caught!

Adrian and his team where out yesterday afternoon looking for places that needed to be painted over and were pulled over by the sheriff. A tense moment turned into a blessing for the young people when they were not charged with any crime or loitering but were praised by the sheriff for doing a great work. Not having to be afraid of authorities but enjoying their favior is a new thing and I think they liked it!

Thank you to the law enforcement officer who encouraged the young people, thank you to a team of young people who are making a positive change and thank you Adrian and Ernie for having a passion for seeing the gifts, skills and potential of the young people. Because – everyone has a need and everyone has a gift.

Christmas store

More stories can be found on our website at www.lifelinecdc.org

Everyone has gifts! 

A note from Monika:
Not a week goes by that I don’t have the opportunity to equip other groups and churches in the principles of Asset Based Community Development. One of the first exercises I have people do is help them discover their own gifts: What are you good at with your hands? What do you have knowledge about? What are you passionate about? It is always amazing to me how difficult it is for us to recognize the things that we are good at.
We all thrive when we work within our giftedness and we all love to share our knowledge! That is one of the basic principles of Asset Based Community Development. I can help train your group, too. Give me a call.

Winton Christmas Toy Store becomes reality!
Winton LifeLine Community Center had it’s first Christmas Toy Store on December 22nd. Instead of us handing out toys to the children, we gave parents the opportunity to purchase new toys at a great discount. Thanks to the generous donations from Atwater/Winton Kiwanis, WInton Middle School and various individuals we were able to purchase new toys that were sold at 10% of their value (so a $20.00 toy would cost $2.00 to the parent), The money that was collected was used for wrapping paper and other toys.
Why not just give the toys away? Because it often undermines the dignity of parents and children. When a parent can purchase a gift, he or she will do so with care, they feel the value of being able to provide for their child and the child will feel cared for in a deeper way than a free gift can ever show.
While this was a small start, we enjoyed the smiling faces of the parents who were able to provide for their children and we are sure the parents enjoyed the dignity it provided for them when the children opened the gifts they were able to provide. Special thanks to our volunteers that put this all together:Ernie, Rosemary, Monique, Erik, Alyssa, Carl, Marisela, Maryjane, Maxima, and Adrian.

One step that leads to another

How a truck and trailer can change lives

One of our volunteers who has major back problems and felt not capable of doing much had a truck and trailer and wanted to help. The timing was perfect! One of community centers has often things ‘donated’ that are not usable and need to hauled to the landfill.
As J. connected with the team he realized that he can do more than just offer his truck and trailer. He noticed that some of the items could be recycled and so he thought about equipping and empower the young volunteers to raise some money by recycling (the young people have been talking about some sports equipment they wanted) This led to a conversation of making things, which lead to mentoring, which opened up other opportunities.
What started out as a one time service for our volunteer is developing in a long term relationship that empowers community members and gives him a way of being useful despite back problems.

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