I got taken today!

Today was a crazy day! Are we allowed to say that? There were difficult conversations, things that needed to get done, phone calls to be made, events to be thought through…. but I think what made it a difficult day was the fact that I got taken today.

A couple came in to see me and the woman told me that she had been raped the night before…. after the shock wore off I tried to find words to comfort her, tried to find ways to take the pain and the burden away. I tried to keep my own emotions in check. In the end I didn’t know what to do and I prayed with her, asking for God’s peace and comfort to fill her heart during this difficult time, and to be her healer.
In the process of trying to get her the help she needed (they wanted a hotel room to clean up and sleep) I spoke with a friend who works for one of the great agencies in town, and found out that the same story was used by the same person before……
So, after more checking and researching we came to the conclusion that this was not the real story!
I was angry – why would they ‘waste’ my time?
I was hurt – why would someone make up such a terrible story?
I was sad – why was I not sensitive enough for God’s Spirit reveal the truth?
I was frustrated – how could I be had after all my experience? How could I have been taken?
I am exhausted – not only because of her story but also because it brought up ‘junk’ in my own life.
So, here I am at the end of the day, a difficult day and I wonder how God is going to use a fake rape story for His purposes. Will my prayer with them shed a little light on their actions? Will my kindness let them see a little of God’s love? Will my time with them show them a little tenderness?
I guess it is not up to me. God does not show me often the final result, but still asks for my faithfulness. He does not ask me to judge the person but to take the ‘log out of my own eye.’
So for today, I am saying good night, praying for the couple and their hidden stories and praying for all the other people who feel they need to make up stories to get what they need.

One comment on “I got taken today!

  1. I know after such a day your brain almost hurts as much as your spirit does. I know the days when you are literally calling out to God, "Why would someone say that just to get something?" "Why did you have me here to fall for such a story so that I could have my heart broken and my spirit enraged?" I have come to a few conclusions…God had you right there, right then because He KNEW you coould show His grace even while finding yourself angered by the lie. He KNEW you were more prepared in spirit and with those around you to know what to do and where to go. He KNEW that you would turn to Him and lay it at His feet when the truth was shown. So, it an amazing way YOU were the one He chose to hear the story, lie or otherwise, because you were prepared by Him to receive it. May God fill your heart and spirit with the knowledge He chose you for this task, even if it hurts, because He loves you so much He allowed you to be the light in the lives o those who chose to lie. Maybe your kindness and love is what will keep them from using such a lie in the future. Blessings!

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